Don't put too many fish in your fish tank. The Celestial Pearl Danio is a gorgeous species that many aquarists love. This is why so many people like them for ponds. They’re compatible with the majority of fish on this list. Not only is this what they’re used to in the wild, but the green vegetation really makes their colors pop! These tine creatures are very easy to care for and don’t need a complicated tank setup in order to thrive. Fancy goldfish will get along with many other species and don’t require a lot of effort to keep healthy. They can do well in cooler waters and will happily coexist with a variety of different tank mates. As Gobies don’t respond to commercial pellet foods, you may set up a food colony with blackworms. Paradise Fish have mesmerized aquarists for years with their bright colors and flowing tails (us included). We recommend this species to other aquarists all the time. Simply drop in some plants and you’ll be just fine! The Axolotl is an interesting creature that has rapidly grown in popularity over the last few years. KHTO Mini Plastic Fish Tank Portable Desktop Aquarium Fish Bowl with Water Filtration LED & Quiet Air Pump for Decor (White With LED Light) 4.1 out of 5 stars 16 £46.99 £ 46 . These fish are fairly low maintenance, active, and peaceful. But what’s clear is that these are great cold water aquarium fish. This fish is also easy to feed, care for, and even breed. This species is hardy, easy to care for, and peaceful. Panda Corydoras are often used in community tanks because of this trait. If you watch the Medaka Ricefish swimming with other species, they’ll barely even notice them! The Panta Cory is a species that can be found in many tanks all over the world, and for good. Our cost-effective fish tanks are some of the stylish, technologically advanced, and simple to maintain aquariums available on the market. If you’re considering getting some cold water fish for your aquarium, you have a lot of options. Marimo moss balls (actually a type of algae) are also attractive and easy to keep. They are best kept in large species tanks or with fish … As you can see, there are a number of fish that can thrive in cold water aquariums. 2. This is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium scene. In fact, most of the aquarists who know about them are ones who like keeping cold tanks. This is quite a popular fish because of its unique look and ease of care. blue and orange asagi japanese koi carp 10" £45.00. The most common cold-water fish species is the goldfish, followed closely by its larger counterpart, the koi. All temperate zones on all continents have fish that prefer cold water. [8] X Research source Keep in mind that some types of fish (such as … Tank Size Needed: at least 341 Litres (90 US G.) plus; This is a large Catfish with an equally large mouth to match. This species is also a good choice if you favor low-maintenance fish. This is a species that’s mesmerizing to look at. This is partly because they’re so pretty and partly due to their ease of care. You’ll sometimes see this fish referred to as Poecilia wingei since it’s technically part of the common guppy family. The temperature of the fish tank is maintained at around 60 to 79 degree Fahrenheit. The Clown Killifish is a gorgeous species that has gotten a lot of attention in recent years. This is why they’re also called the Bushy Nose Pleco. HERE WE HAVE A cold water fish tanks IN Burnley. In fact, they’re one of the most popular…, Clown Loaches are one of the most popular freshwater fish in the aquarium scene. They’ll handle almost all living conditions with ease. They’re quite affordable, easy to care for, and are compatible with many different kinds of fish. Shop today! VAT TO BE ADDED TO THE PRICE. Some good plant choices for coldwater fish tanks include java moss, Cabomba, and water cabbage. We often encourage aquarists to give this species a shot since because they’re such a pleasure to own. While most people who havesaltwater aquariums keep tropical-fish-only or reef tanks, a few aquarists have undertaken the challenge of keeping subtropical, temperate or cold-water aquariums. Caring for these fish is something that anyone can do. The notion of keeping a fish that doesn’t need a heater might feel weird at first. For such a unique animal, the Axolotl is actually quite straightforward to keep. One of the most challenging aspects of keeping one of these tanks is sourcing fishes and other animals for the aquarium. This is one of the most colorful freshwater species out there. This is the main characteristic that distinguishes them from tropical water fish, which require strict water monitoring. Many don’t even need heaters! The second step is to get a filter. They share a lot of the same colors and have a thin but chunky looking caudal peduncle. Larger tanks also allow your fish to grow while still being comfortable. They got their name from the fact that they always mate on one side. The Bristlenose Pleco has a very interesting look that can’t be ignored. However, there hasn’t been a chance in classification yet. Aquarium Source is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Do some thorough research into their recommended habitat conditions first. If you’re looking for a cold water fish that adds a lot of color, we recommend giving these creatures a shot. We’ve always said that this species looks a bit like a skinny Pea Puffer. This makes them a great nano fish for small tanks as well. Well, for each of the cold water pet fish mentioned above, it’s not mandatory to maintain a warm environment in the water tank. While there are some elements of their care you’ll need to familiarize yourself with, they’re not very difficult to keep. Their adult size, however, is an important additional consideration. A group of these moving around an aquarium is something you need to see in person. This fish can brighten up even the dimmest tank with its vibrant yellow. This makes them a great fish to observe. No matter what your preference is, we thought it would be foolish not to include them on our list. The Zebra Danio has a loyal following in the freshwater aquarium community. These fish are very hardy and can thrive in a variety of different conditions. Their colorful stripes mean they put on an impressive show whenever they move around the tank. They’re very peaceful as well which allows you to match them with a variety of other species. They don’t need anything in particular when it comes to their habitat as well, so you can plan around their tank mates. We highly recommend taking some time to do a little extra research into this species before you decide to buy. We stock a wide variety of distinctive aquariums in different sizes and styles that represent great quality and excellent value for money Browse our Aquarium Fish Tanks … Because they do not require a heater cold water aquariums are easier to maintain than tropical aquariums. Larger tanks are easier to clean, and you can add more fish to larger tanks. These fish have an extremely interesting look that makes them stand out (or blend in) compared to many other species. As you can see, they can thrive in a wide range of water temperatures. While we’re including them on our list of the best cold water aquarium fish, they’re technically salamanders. This is a very pretty fish that’s hard to get your hands on. If you’re looking for an under the radar pick to add to your cold water tank, this is definitely a species to consider. Their bodies are very textured and they almost look like they’ve been rendered by a bunch of polygons. Cold Water Coldwater or temperate species originate from colder climates such as Europe, Northern USA and Northern China. It has a very typical "catfish" look with a broad flat head and a large mouth surrounded by several sets of barbels. They can even be used as feeder fish if you so choose. They’re not only quite colorful and pleasing to look at, but they’re easy to care for as well. Cold water fish tank . These fish will keep things bug-free! If you’re a fan of the color red, you’ll love this fish. Unless you’re looking for a very cold tank, there’s no reason not to give them a shot. When it comes to setting up their habitat there’s not much to worry about as well. Their interesting pattern and colors make them a great choice for anyone looking to bring some color to their tank. Because of this, it’s important for this species to have an adequate current. Most of the aquarists we know keep a ton of these fish in their tank. Millie is a passionate aquarist who caught the fishkeeping bug in high school and has been addicted ever since. Some of them are quite popular, and others are under the radar. There are very few fish like it! This behavior is quite interesting to watch, so if you’re a breeder you might be in for a treat! This build allows the fish to park themselves on a surface without working hard just to avoid getting swept away. Due to the fact that the population of this species is in crisis, it’s important to be absolutely sure before you get one. The Rainbow Goodeid is hardy, low-maintenance, easy to feed, and tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and parameters. That’s where this guide will come in handy. The reason Hillstream Loaches have a low and flat body comes from their natural habitat. Selecting the right fish tank for cold water fish such as goldfish is relatively easy as you can pretty much pick any tank you like the look of but without needing to buy or have a heater included. It’s recommended to keep this fish in a school, so that’s why they can’t get away with super small tanks. You can put them in almost any tank, with almost any other species. In fact, there are so many different types to choose from that some aquarists have trouble picking! But wow are they pretty! :: Page 2 But you may have to act fast as this top cold water fish tanks is set to become one of the most sought-after best-sellers in no time. They’re low-maintenance, beautiful, and get along with a large number of other fish. They’re not very hard to care for and are rather active fish. They’re a species that not many people pay attention to, but that’s something we’ve never understood. If you’re considering getting some cold water fish for your aquarium, you have a lot of options. Our great range of cold water fish tanks are perfect for keeping a wide variety of cold water fish, from Goldfish to Bloodfin Tetras. This is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing species on the list. These fish are very active and are almost always in motion. In our opinion, this is one of the most enjoyable fish to watch. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to the kind of habitat you want to keep them in. The Sunset Platy is a great all-around fish that can do well in a number of different conditions. They’re peaceful which gives you a lot of options when it comes to tank mates as well. With regards to acclimatising your new fish to their tank, this must be done carefully, as the shop’s water chemistry may differ slightly to that of your own aquarium. While these fish aren’t very popular, there’s a committed group of aquarists who’ve figured out what a great species Rainbow Shiners are to own. They’re relatively easy to care for and do well in slightly cooler water. Cold water fish thrive in cooler water temperatures and consequently do not require a heater. Add activated carbon media to the filter, whether loose or carbon pads. There aren’t very many fish with a bright yellow that can compete with the Sunset Variatus Platy. They share a lot of the same traits as other goldfish, they just look different. They’ll be just fine! Due to their critically endangered status can be a bit pricey and not in stock at most fish stores. Because of their small size and peaceful nature, you can keep them in large groups and with a wide variety of other species. £23.00 postage. A lot of the time they don’t even need heaters! Cold water aquariums are wonderful additions to fast-paced environments such as offices, doctors surgeries and dentists. Simply keep them with peaceful fish that are too big to be picked on! Have you ever wanted to get good at fishkeeping, vj hide feed content. Our great range of cold water fish tanks are perfect for keeping a wide variety of cold water fish as well as being excellent quality & value. They can survive in water temperatures as low as 50°F which means you can keep them in tanks without a heater (if it works with the rest of your setup). In fact, there’s still some debate about their ideal water parameters! They’re quite active and friendly, so they’re always up to something. 2 product ratings - Small Nano Curve Aquarium Fish Tank Coldwater Tropical LED Lighting 6L or 13.5L, 1 product ratings - Marina Sea Unicorns Aquarium 17L Starter Kids Fish Tank Tropical & Cold Water, 2 product ratings - Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical Coldwater + Cabinet Lighting Heater 100cm 150L White, 1 product ratings - Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical Coldwater + Cabinet Lighting Heater 60cm 80L Black, 3 product ratings - Aquarium Fish Tank Tropical Coldwater + Cabinet Lighting Heater 60cm 80L White. Like most types of tetras, these fish aren’t very large and can be kept in a pretty small tank. And yet there are many other interesting fish species that do not require a heated tank. You can keep them in small and cold aquariums, and you don’t have to worry about their diet or interactions with other fish. After all, most of the common freshwater fish need one! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Interpet Fish Pod 120l Aquarium Tank C… To be honest, most of the aquarists we talk to don’t even know this species exists. The White Cloud Mountain Minnow is a great freshwater fish that can thrive in colder temperatures. Out of all the fish on this list, the Pygmy Sunfish is up there in terms of its ability to handle low water temperatures. Ciano 2ft COLDWATER Aqua 60 LED Glass Aquarium Black or White - Includes Filter & Lights 58L (BL… Coldwater fish thrive on ambient temperature and do not require a heater. But once you get over the strange feeling it’s quite a luxury! These fish are best for well-planted aquariums. This is a very neat species that is often kept in ponds. In it, you’ll find information about all the best fish for cold water tanks. You can keep them in a variety of different habitats without any issues as well. Among the fish that feel most comfortable at lower temperatures, for example, include Koi, goldfish, sturgeon, and Leucaspius delineatus. For whatever reason, these fish don’t get the attention they deserve. They also have some neat colors too. Mosquito fish are extremely easy to care for and are quite hardy. Buy cold water fish tanks from Jollyes, the UK’s pet food and accessory specialist since 1971. This really makes their beauty worth it! Due to high demand, Gold Barbs can be a little tricky to get your hands on! The funny thing is not many people know about this fish (even the ones that want to keep fish without a heater). By the time you’re done reading it, you’ll know which species interest you the most. However, some aquarists like to keep them in tanks as well. FOR MORE DETAILS, CALL ME As long as you give them some variety in their diet and provide a solid habitat, Odessa Barbs will be quite happy. Goldfish, Bitterlings, Paradise Fish, White Clouds and Medakas are some examples. But if we had to choose, this would probably be our favorite! The One-Sided Livebearer is a simple, yet elegant fish that can thrive in low temperatures. Some argue that this fish should technically be considered part of the killifish family or not. These little critters are one of our favorite freshwater catfish species to keep in cold tanks. Here's our top 10 cold water fish that can live inside an unheated tank or even in an outdoor pond. In fact, there are so many different types to choose from that some aquarists have trouble picking! It’s a bunch of fun to watch these fish swim around in a group. 23 watching. With an ability to thrive in water temperatures as low as 50°F, the Dojo Loach should be at the top of your list for fish that don’t need heaters. This section contains all aquariums suitable for keeping coldwater fish such as goldfish etc. On their head and nose area, they have a series of appendages that protrude in various directions. While they’re not overly difficult, there are a few areas of care that you’ll need to be familiar with. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time, {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. We’ve been massive fans of the dojo loach for quite some time. Odessa barbs are often overlooked by freshwater aquarists. They will show some situational aggressiveness from time to time, but that’s not very common behavior. True to their name, the Rainbow Shiner is a mix of color and metallic glimmer. Cold Water Fish for Sale at All Pond Solutions If you are looking for healthy and well-fed fish and plants, we at All Pond Solutions have a superb selection on offer! You will have to navigate some aggression from time to time, but if you set then up with a great habitat from the start that won’t be a problem you have to deal with. When it comes to water temperature, they have an acceptable range of 64°F to 82°F. As long as you know their fundamental requirements you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping this fish. This species goes by two names, the Medaka Ricefish and the Japanese Ricefish. This is one of the most popular species in the freshwater aquarium community as a whole, and they make great cold water fish. We stock a massive variety of the UKs favourite cold water fish tanks, so whether you're just keeping a couple of fish or a whole cold water aquarium, you'll find it all right here. This species is not found in very many tanks. You should turn the aquarium lights off, and float the bag on the surface of the water for 10-15 minutes to allow the temperature of the water in the bag to adjust to that of your aquarium. The size of tank that you need will completely depend on the species of fish … Set Up A Coldwater Fish Tank. The Gold Barb is a really popular choice for cold water aquariums due to its hardy nature and beautiful bright colors. This small fish is very easy to care for and is a great option for anyone looking for a species that won’t take up a lot of their time. Ending 28 … The Pygmy Sunfish is a very pretty species that’s one of the best fish for cold water aquariums. Caring for them is rather straightforward as well. In it, you’ll find information about all the best fish for cold water tanks. With a minimum of 45°F, it’s hard to find another species that matches. But for some reason, this species doesn’t get the attention it deserves from the fishkeeping community. Part of what makes the Asian Stone Catfish so adorable is their tiny size. With their cool flat built, this fish will stand out among almost any other species. They’re addicting to watch swim around in the tank. We’ve been fans of them for years and love the versatility their hardy nature provides. We’re committed to making our guides as helpful as possible, and welcome the help. In addition to goldfish and some types of koi, most cold-water aquarium fish from a wide range of families thrive in cold water ponds, from small, colorful species, such as this Red Shiner, to prehistoric-looking sturgeon.Keeping these fish in your tank doesn’t need a heater and can thrive very well in low water temperature. Too many fish in your fish tank may also cause a rise in harmful ammonia and nitrites. However, it’s usually best to keep them in a species-only tank. We recommend these fish to pretty much any aquarist. 2. Coldwater Aquariums are a great choice for beginning and more experienced fish keepers. This makes them great for aquarists looking for a cold water option that doesn’t sit around at the bottom of the tank all day! Spending some extra time to be confident you’re ready and willing to keep them in your aquarium is the responsible thing to do. 3. They’re hardy, peaceful, and very easy to care for. They’re found in tanks…, The 15 Best Types Of Freshwater Aquarium Catfish, Clown Loach Care: Tank Size, Food, Lifespan, Tank Mates…, 35 Peaceful Community Fish For Your Tank (Updated List), Malaysian Trumpet Snail 101: Detailed Info & Care Tips, Bucktooth Tetra 101: Care, Feeding, Aggression, & More, Glowlight Tetra 101: Care, Tank Mates, Breeding & More. They’re very pretty fish that have a neat color pattern. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. These fish are interesting because they will spend a lot of time in schools when they’re younger. We stock all the top brands in a variety of sizes. We’re huge fans of the Least Killifish, especially if you plan on keeping the water temperature a bit on the low side. CAN ARRANGE DELIVERY AT EXTRA COST. Koi Carp Hi Quality Mixed variety | Nice healthy live cold water pond fish. This species is a great choice if you’re looking for a fish that will get along with anyone. or Best Offer. the majority of the single stemmed species are 6 to 8 inches in len. We also have all the accessories, filters and food you'll need for your fish. Theses fish are quite hardy and can handle a wide range of water and habitat requirements. It can be hard to spot them at times! Female Fuzhou Ranchu - Grade A. There are usually some species-specific details you need to be aware of, but nothing extreme. Something went wrong. Another common name for them is the Mexican Walking Fish because of the way they move around the water. More fish mean more waste and more food for the microbes causing the cloudy water. These fish are great for cold water aquariums since their natural temperature requirements are quite low (this can be as low as 50°F). They really don’t care! As long as that’s not a problem, give them a shot! They look like beautiful little shiny darts flicking around the water. One of the reasons these fish are so popular is their versatility. When you combine this with their ability to handle cooler water they get even more appealing. Bloodfin Tetras are a species we absolutely love. Not only does this help replicate their natural habitat, but it also brings extra oxygen into the water (something this fish needs a lot of). The Endler’s Livebearer is a fantastic cold water fish for your aquarium. You can also breed them if that’s something you’re interested in as an owner. Out of all the fish we recommend to our readers, this could be the species we suggest the most. If you’re interested in this fish you might have to do a bit of searching before you find it in stock. Think how jealous you’re friends will be when you tell them you got your cold water fish tanks on AliExpress. Our fantastic cold water aquarium rental service provides the very best when it comes to hiring premium quality materials, tanks and equipment – but what’s more, we also stock a range of beautiful cold water livestock to ensure that […] Certain varieties of goldfish can grow to relatively large sizes compared to some tropical fish, so try to give them as much room as your surroundings allow and your budget permits. However, when they grow up you’ll see them start to spend more and more time on their own. While they definitely swim, you’ll also see them using their arms and legs to walk around the tank as well. This is a type of platy that you don’t hear many people talking about. Keeping fish in an overcrowded tank is the fastest way to reduce water quality and introduce toxins and diseases to the water. These creatures spend their time in waters with very fast currents. View basket for details. We recommend going for a slightly larger tank if possible as cold water fish … Their simply color combination makes them very fun to observe especially since you’ll be keeping them in a group. Consider becoming one yourself! With that being said, they can show a little bit of aggression when put in the wrong situation (or with the wrong tank mates). Cold Water Fish Tanks. It’s worth noting that you’ll need a slight larger tank in order to keep them (a good portion of the fish we’ve covered so far are fine with small aquariums). They do great in tanks without a heater and don’t have a lot of funky care requirements. Whilst this isn't strictly necessary for a cold water aquarium, the filter will help you to keep your aquarium clean and reduce water consumption. There are many different types of aquarium catfish out there. £32.99 to £249.99. Rosy Red Minnows are one of our favorite species, and near the top of the list when it comes to cold water fish for your aquarium. This is not only very generous, but rather chilly as well. Check out our article for more information about cold water fish tanks. These fish are often compared to Neon Tetras since they look rather similar. Choose the perfect tank for your marine, tropical, or cold-water fish from this stylish collection. £25.00. 0 bids. 60L D Shaped Fish Tank Suitable for Tropical or Cold Water Fish Great condition, only a year in use since bought brand new Dimensions: Height - 53cm Width - 50 cm Depth - 31cm 6mm thick glass Comes with working: -LED Light -Filter -Heater (i have