The scale length and fretboard radius is just a matter of preference really – this tutorial only deals with straight-radius fretboards though. Multiply the distance from the nut to the 12th fret by two. The fingerboard (also known as a fretboard on fretted instruments) is an important component of most stringed instruments.It is a thin, long strip of material, usually wood, that is laminated to the front of the neck of an instrument. Figuring out "where the frets go" is one of the trickiest things about building a lap dulcimer. Fretboard width. FretFind2D is a two dimensional fretboard design tool. The results are given in both english and metric values. Then select how many frets the instrument will have. Geometric Fret Layout--the Rule of 18: Calculating fret positions requires a bit of math, and is actually based in pretty heavy duty theory. If you’re making a guitar with one of our free templates , the nut width can be measured after printing or in a program like Adobe Illustrator. For example, on a 24" scale, in a perfect world the 12th fret should be exactly 12" from the nut. Frets width / height. Take a measurement at the 12th fret, which is where the midpoint of the scale length crosses. ... For example you can map all the A major triad positions on the entire fretboard with just 3 clicks, on A, C# and E. We use cookies on our website to make sure you get the best experience. Two measurements determine the width of the fretboard: The nut width X and Y the string spacing at the saddle (B) plus two times d ("d" is the distance from the outer strings to the fingerboard edge which should be equal along the entire fretboard length). Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. The improved version of the classic Fender Strat Bridge, The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. Neck Heel Width and Mounting. We just explained fret anatomy because when we talk about fret sizes, we’re talking only about the width and height of the crown. These are generalities, and the scale length is just one factor in the sound and playability of a musical instrument. Cyber Monday Sale! It models the entire fretboard, strings and frets, as a system of line segments on a two dimensional plane. Fretboard Calculatorの情報をお探しですか?ここなら、ユーザレビューやリアルタイムランキング順位などの最新情報を詳しくご覧頂けます。 Find your next favorite new, used, or vintage instrument—or sell one of your own. Regarding the Bridge: Things to bear in mind here 1. This is inconsequential, as nobody (that I know of, anyway) can saw a fret slot that accurately by hand. Select based on if you entered a scale length of inches or millimeters. FretFind2D doesn't just calculate fret spacing. Bass scale lengths generally stay between 30" to 36". The fret where the neck joins the body must be designated. Here's a list of some of the more popular scale lengths used by different manufacturers: All website Content Property Of Terry Mashek (2003-2020 All rights reserved). Most guitar parts manufacturer adopted Fender’s® neck heel and neck pocket dimensions: 56 mm (2-3/16") - Width; 76 mm (3") - Length; 16 mm (5/8") - Pocket Depth; These dimensions are not a standard. First, it determines the distance between strings and their proximity to the fretboard’s edges. Our handy reference and fret position guide has detailed charts that show dulcimer fret placement for every scale length from eight inches to thirty-two inches, in eighth-inch increments. Fretboard Calculator When building a guitar or bass and cutting your own fretboard slots (versus buying a pre-slotted fretboard,) it's very important that the fret slots be cut accurately. However, the calculator will report the disance as 11.991". Find the proper fret position with the official Stewart-MacDonald Fret Calculator, Stewart-MacDonald is PCI compliant and validated for secure e-commerce. From there, click on the "calculate" button and the fret slot measurements will be displayed. Press the calculate button for an instant result. string width at the bridge = 40 mm. •   No matter how many orders you place. To use the calculator, simply enter the desired scale length of the instrument and designate whether this value is in inches or millimeters. This slider changes the size of the frets. I designed this page to calculate where each fret slot should be cut, measured both from the … Shorter scale lengths (less than 25" in guitars and 32" in basses) usually give a warmer tone and provide for easier playing, especially when string bending. Acoustic Guitars: The dimension of the guitar fretboard has been an item of popular discussion among both guitar pickers and luthiers alike. Of course, this is not a rule set in stone; there are always exceptions. Only careful measurement ensures that your parts will be compatible. It is not possible to say that a guitar with a shorter scale will not have good sustain, or that one with a longer scale can't have a warm tone. This Fret Scale and Fingerboard Length Calculator can be used to calculate fret scale and fingerboard length. Here is annother approach with the help of a calculator or a spreadsheet program. Soprano Fretboard _____ Super wide neck. FretFind2D is a two dimensional fretboard design tool. This fret calculator is the answer. Guitar nut width has almost always been standardized for dreadnought 14 fret acoustic guitar at about 1-11/16″ give or … Width at body: the width of the fretboard at the body end. You can adjust all of the different values. FretFind2D doesn't just calculate fret spacing. There is no "perfect" scale length; manufacturers select an instrument's scale to achieve particular qualities for the guitar they are designing. Note that due to rounding errors, the calculation may be off by several thousandths of an inch. Radius at body: the radius of curvature of the fretboard at the body end (usually larger than the radius at nut in a conical fingerboard). There are numerous fret calculators available online, and pre-calculated standard fret distances. Build the pedal that redefined overdrive. This meant a complete redesign of the fretboard dimensions to allow for the proper Fretboard Overhang (distance between the center of the outermost string to the edge of the fretboard). The length of a foot, the width of a finger, and the distance of a step were all accepted measurements. This will also provide you with nut-to-fret and fret-to-fret dimensions. I designed this page to calculate where each fret slot should be cut, measured both from the nut to fret, and from the fret to bridge. On close inspection, one of the tick-marks looked slightly out of place, so I re-entered the scale length in the calculator and kept pushing "=" again until I got to this position. Board thickness at the nut: the thickness of the fretboard at its thickest point at the nut end. Simply enter the nut width in millimetres and either the end-gaps or the overall string spacing (again in millimetres) and the gauge of each string in thousandths of an inch (i.e. On different strings, certain frets determine two types of intervals, a smaller one and a larger one. Note: The scale length of a guitar is always twice the length from the neck edge of the nut (or zero fret) to the 12th fret. ... Fretboard Calculator. I had erred by 1.5 mm when I marked this position. fretboard overhang = 3 mm (equal) calculation method = 12 (equal root 2) number of frets = 15. number of strings = 4. It models the entire fretboard, strings and frets, as a system of line segments on a two dimensional plane. Often times this join occurs at the same postion as a fret (i.e. You may want this big for diagrams with just some frets, or smaller for big diagrams. Using this calculator you specify the scale length, then you specify the fret number as a decimal fraction. Nov 6, 2016 - Join millions of music makers all over the world on Reverb. Typically 19, 21, 22, or 24 What is scale length? Guitar scale lengths are usually between 24" and 26". Next I made a block of wood with a shallow slot the same width as the fretboard. Selecting your instrument also calculates the bridge position for proper intonation. Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it! Measuring the distance from the nut to the saddle(s) is not exact because the saddles are adjusted to set the intonation. This application can calculate fret distancies and fretboard width It’s also the primary factor in how open or closed your hand is while playing. Found on Stratocasters ®, Telecasters ®, and the huge variety of instruments inspired by them as well as the replacement, and custom parts available for them. string width at the nut = 28 mm. Comprehensive fretboard calculator and modelling tool. FREE Shipping with StewMAX is now available! By using this tool, you can determine the length fingerboard you should purchase. You can learn more about my guitar building, banjo and mandolin DVDs at Width and taper of the fretboard contributes to feel because of several things. This page accurately calculates the position of the fret slots for guitars and basses. the 16th fret) so you can just enter the fret number. 46, 36, 26, 17, 13, 10 or whatever.) Most cheap tenors will have nuts that are the same width as cheap sopranos. The 25-1/2" produces a rich, strong, bell-like tone, and defined low-end. This video shows the proper method to measure the scale length to properly set a fretboard position for our guitar kits B S d A d L String spread at nut String spread at bridge Distance of outer strings to fingerboard edge Scale length Length of fretboard Width at end of fretboard FretFind2D doesn't just calculate fret spacing. These are great, and since they are all measure… Regarding the Nut Width: The customer opted for a 54mm nut, which is a little wider than a standard classical guitar (52mm). If you are building a quarter tone instrument for example, entering fret number 1.50 (i.e fret #1 plus 50 cents) will give you the location of the fret between frets 1 and 2. Not all ukes are equal. So, whether you're designing your own instrument, or deliberating the purchase of one, it's helpful to know how the scale length factors within the overall equation. Please note, the fret calculator will not convert scale lengths, you can use our measurement converter to convert your scale length. If your guitar has a zero fret past the nut, begin measuring there. It models the entire fretboard, strings and frets, as a system of line segments on a two dimensional plane. The scale length of a guitar has a large impact on the sound and feel of the guitar. Save on Over 900 Items. HOW SCALE LENGTH AFFECTS TONE Fender One of the most common scale lengths is the Fender 25-1/2" guitar scale. Place the end of a tape measure against the fretboard side of the guitar nut. If you continue without changing your settings, you're agreeing to receive all cookies on the StewMac website. Classical Guitar fretboards at standard width are of course perfectly fine with me, but would be too wide for most guitar players. Fret Calculator If you find this utility useful, please link your site to this page. When building a guitar or bass and cutting your own fretboard slots (versus buying a pre-slotted fretboard,) it's very important that the fret slots be cut accurately. Simply enter the the number of frets and the scale length in millimetres then press the calculate button for an instant result. I personally find nut width has far more impact and this is a myth that keeps getting trotted out.. Longer scale lengths (greater than 25" in guitars and 34" basses) usually give more note definition and increased sustain. So I am happiest playing an Acoustic Guitar with a fretboard saddle width of about 2-3/16″ to 2-1/4″ or right around 56 mm. First, during planting season, the app can determine optimum in-row spacing between seeds based upon row width and the desired planting population per acre. More information about scale lengths is available on my fretboard calculator page. It shows the exact position where to place the frets on the fretboard and where the necessary additional frets (tastini) are to be placed Why is it necessary to add tastini? MEMBERSHIP IS NOW AVAILABLE IN ROMANIA! The crown runs the width of the slot; the tang runs a bit shorter than the width of the slot. Given two instruments completely identical except for the scale length, the above described differences in sound and playing characteristics will usually be noticed. The barbs on either side of the tang help hold the fret in place in the slot, although glue is often used, too. FretFind2D is a two dimensional fretboard design tool.