Elk Flat Campground Elevation: 669 ft Ely, Nevada, United States 15. The campground is within Kern County, bordering on Ventura County. McGill Campground in Los Padres National Forest, Frazier Park California. It was quiet and shady and engulfed in pine forest. Even in contemporary Mobile, Royal Street is at higher elevation, with the newer streets of Water Street and Commerce Street [not on 1725 map] further down the slopes towards the Mobile River). The temperature at noon when I left was 75* perfect weather for a Summer Hike. Santa Barbara Ranger District, 3505 Paradise Rd. It's mostly uphill until reaching Reyes Peak but it's gorgeous.Thick pine forest and dense rock formations abound everywhere. This wilderness was a integral part of the everyday lives of the Chumash Indians. Some sites remain open all winter when Southern Nevada Conservancy, a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas, NV, works cooperatively with the US Forest Service, Department of Agriculture through a formal agreement to provide education, … Forgive me if I was a little vague on exact mileages and turn by turns. Also this Spot marks the start of the Vincent Tumamait Trail(21w03) and the Beginning of the Chumash Wilderness. That was inside the register can. Pinos Ranger District Office in Frazier Park for current conditions: (661) 556-6110. I didn't see any other hikers. I took way to many pictures but I just couldn't help myself (THOSE VIEWS). Leaving Reyes there is a spur trail that will lead you east toward Haddock Mtn and back onto the main trail (Reyes Peak 23w04). No public showers in the region with exception of motels in Lebec. Phone: (805) 448-3648, Santa Lucia Ranger District Pinos, Los Padres National Forest, Kern County, California; we refer to it here as P. ‘Mt. Contact the Parks Management Company for more information regarding refunds: [email protected], Cerro Noroeste (9N25) Kern County maintains this road, Trail numbers are from the Mt Pinos Ranger District "Motor Vehicle Opportunity Guide" available at the Ranger Station in Frazier Park​​, Forest Service Home | USDA.gov | recreation.gov | Recreation Customer Service Standards | USA.gov | Whitehouse.gov, Plug-Ins | FOIA | Accessibility Statement | Privacy Policy | Important Notices | Information Quality, https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/lpnf/home/?cid=stelprdb5307967, https://kernpublicworks.com/transportation/road-status-closures/, Regional Order 20-25 Emergency Fire Restrictions, Current Target Shooting Restrictions - Forest Order 05-07-00-20-06, Forest Order 05 07 57 20 21 Dry Canyon Closure Area, Forest Order 05 07 57 20 21 Dry Canyon Closure Area MAP, Campground Occupany Use Forest Order 05-07-00-20-13, Current Road Conditions for Lockwood Valley Rd (Ventura Co), NOAA weather forecast for Mt Pinos (8,400'), NOAA weather forecast for Ozena (Hwy 33 3,700'), Santa Lucia Ranger District Forest Rd Closure 29S28 (TV Tower Rd) West Cuesta Rd, DOLAN FIRE BIG SUR ALERT - Forest Closure Order 05-07-51-20-22, Regional Order 20-25 Emergency Fire Restrictions, Forest Order 05-07-00-20-06 Firearms Prohibition. Or don't turn around and you can proceed further into the great Sespe Wilderness. The Chumash Wilderness is breaktaking. Here there are incredible views of the surrounding area and for those lucky enough maybe you will get a look at the ever so elusive California Condor. This was sacred grounds to the Chumash Indians. The forest also provided a great canopy for shade which was another bonus. At night, the sky takes center stage and Haleakala is a Campo Alto Campground is closed until May 2021. The spurt trail is less than 2 miles from the Condor Observation area. for Mcgill, Nevada First light 6:06 AM Midday 11:26 AM Last light 4:45 Facilities McGill … Reyes Peak Trailhead has a nice parking area with restrooms. We hiked and it was a gradual up hill hike. The campground sits at approximately 7,800 feet and is two miles west of the larger McGill Campground. Access 0 trusted reviews, 0 photos & 0 tips from fellow RVers. Also mid afternoon has no shade up on this peak. Pinos Campground (about one mile from the Really it is breathtaking. The Air was crisp and clean. It will come up quick as you will be so distracted by all the surrounding beauty. Another great day "Lost In The Los Padres", Summer temps in Santa Clarita are often soaring into the 100's. I can clearly see why they made this place home. Mcgill Campground After passing Mcgill the next Campground you come across is Mount Pinos Campground . From various points along trails near the campground visitors enjoy wonderful views of the San Joaquin Valley and the distant Sierra Nevada. McGill Campground is located on Mt. Especially after just getting back into action from my broken Fibula. This is definitely the first time I've opened one and found a package like this. Which I don't recommend unless you have a gps and or are comfortable being off trail. Check the Kern County Road Conditions website: https://kernpublicworks.com/transportation/road-status-closures/, Large Group campgrounds will remain closed to comply with State and County orders. Today I wasn't so lucky to capture a look at the Condors, however when I arrived there was about 6-7 deer just chilling about 30 yards away. Climb the rock above the register for the best views. Cobra System R-Series “ADDER” Tactical Repeating Crossbow, MT Pinos, Sawmill & Grouse (Chumash Wilderness), TopaTopa: A FAILED ATTEMPT AT 'WHATEVER THE HELL YOU CALL IT' PEAK 2/21/19. The only thing I was not impressed with was the bathrooms, they need some work. Enter your email below to be notified when we get Explore the area along the accessible Exploration Trail, Mount Pinos Trail and McGill Campground Trail. So basically you park your car in the main parking area and lug your gear approximately 0.2 miles into the Campground. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. No drinking water available; bring an ample amount. Reservations will be cancelled and issued a full refund. Yes that is a bottle of green Buds some kind of OG Kush as the label described it. (office temporarily closed - but phones are being answered Mon-Fri 8-430), Forest Headquarters Office From here it's less than a mile to arrive at the summit of Mount Pinos. Next you will make a good accent down from Pinos with some switchbacks to a saddle. Santa Barbara, CA 93105 Today I finally checked off a few peaks that I've been wanting to visit and the bonus was I didn't have to drive that far to do it. There are seven mountains in the park over 10,000 feet (3,050 m) in elevation, with Mount Cleveland (10,466 ft/3,190 m) being the tallest. Its complete with USGS Survey marker and Summit Register. It feels like I was teleported to The Sequoia National forest or Mammoth High Country. Keep an eye on those views to your right side of the surrounding mountains and the Chorro Grande drainage. I was thoroughly enjoying myself this morning. 70 degree weather and the smell of Christmas everywhere. Park your vehicle, bring your own sleds and saucers and walk up to any of the three campgrounds: McGill Campground (about two to three miles from the Mt. It is a perfect camping location if you are looking for a quick and easy camping trip. Enter your email below to be McGill Campground (75 sites) is open from April 15 to November 15 Mount Pinos Campground (19 sites) is open from May 15 to November 1 There also is wilderness camping in the Chumash Wilderness, with several designated backcountry camp areas. The trail was named after him shortly after his death. Solvang, CA 93464, (office temporarily closed - but phones are being answered Mon-Fri 8-430), 34580 Lockwood Valley Rd. Tent camping only, and no reservations needed all sites are first come first served. Hipcamp is working closely with the government to allow bookings here asap. The history of it though does make up for its lack of appearance. (It's not far at all) Something you could load up on wheels and pull into camp would probably be the hot ticket. My agenda for the day was to hit 3 different summits (and I managed to bag them all). One of the earliest Forest Service topographers, in an endeavor to convey a written description of this mountain country, said: "The relief of the Reserve (Los Padres National Forest) is very high, rugged and precipitous, and the study of such a broken surface, even with the aid of a contour map, will not be easy for the laymen”. Weather conditions with updates on temperature, humidity, wind speed, snow, pressure, etc. So I decided to hit Sawmill on the way back out instead. Buck Rock Campground (7600′ elevation, 5 spots) & Big Meadows Campground (7600′ elevation, 25 spots) are both family style camps, perfect for those who want picnic tables, plus bathroom nearby. Rewinding the clock back as I mentioned earlier before hitting Sawmill I Summited Grouse. For more info about Hungry Valley State OHV Park, go to: For more California State Park information and updates on current conditions, please visit the, Thorn Meadows (7N03B) past Cedar Creek Trailhead, Campo Alto (temporary winter closure October 31-May 15). Santa Maria, CA 93454 There sits on it a radio tower which sticks out like a sore thumb. Stoked about that I am. Thanks for stopping by here you find my wilderness blog, mostly documenting my adventures throughout the Los Padres National Forest. Located a few miles from the lake and 10 miles northeast of Portola, California. The campground sits at approximately 7,600 feet. Just to the right of the display signs is where the trail begins. Needles to say I don't smoke anymore so I put it back where I found it. Ojai, CA 93023 Turn on State Route 486 and continue 8 miles on this paved road. Located at 7,000 feet of elevation, expect wind and chilly temperatures at Hosmer Grove campground. McGill is for hiking and biking and meanders along 3.7 miles of scenery. Find the best campgrounds & rv parks near McGill, Nevada. Phone: (805) 448-4710, Trail, Roads and Campground Information William S. (Billy) Brown 1945, On the way to the Trailhead you will pass a couple campgrounds starting with. Just a few miles further and you arrive At the Chula Vista Campground/Mt Pinos parking area that I explained above. Pinos summit), Mt. The only difference this time is you won't use the spur trail from Reyes Peak as the Main trail will lead you right back to your car. Frazier Park, CA 93225 Reyes Peak sits at about 7500 feet. The road dead ends right at the trail. Haddock mountain Summit (7431') can be reached by heading about 50 feet off the main trail. I started my day at the, On the way in you will pass a few Campgrounds Starting with, After passing Mcgill the next Campground you come across is. McGill Campground and Group Campground is not operated by Hipcamp and can only be booked externally. At one time folks with High Clearance vehicles could drive this trail all the way to the Summit of Mount Pinos. McGill Campground sits in a mixed tall pine forest in the Pinos Mountains, at an altitude of 7,300 feet, just over an hour’s drive from the campground. My total Mileage for the day was 10.6 a pretty good push if I do say so. This stretch to Haddock was so nice and it screamed of Chumash territory. Photo below shows you where to leave the trail and make the last small climb to the Summit. I will include a map at the bottom of this post with way points and my exact GPS track and google earth KMZ file for you to download incase you want to follow my route. Campground List CAMPGROUND NAME: Arroyo Seco VISIT DATE: 07/11/2002 UPDATE DATE: 3/27/2017 STATE: California REGION: Pacific Southwest RANGER DISTRICT: Monterey NEAREST CITY/TOWN: Greenfield RESERVATIONS: 1-877-444-6777 or make on-line reservation DIRECTIONS: In … After Passing the campground continue straight on 6N06 you will pass the junction sign for Chorro Grande trail. East Creek Campground near Ely, Nevada is located off of Duck Creek Road in White Pine County. Mcgill Trail Date: 10-03-2015 Surveyor Name: Anonymous Surveyor Trail description: From the trail head this was an elevation gain of 1,760 feet. The large McWilliams Campground was recently renovated and includes what was formerly known as the Dolomite Campground. In less than .2 miles you will come to a triple junction. Pinos Campground Pine Springs Pleito Creek Rancho Nuevo Reyes Creek Salt Creek Sunset Thorn Meadows Toad Springs Valle Vista Campo Alto (temporary winter closure October 31-May 15) Contact the Mt. Tamarisk, Nordhoff Peak and Chorro Spring: February 2, 4 and 7, 2014. The solution go up in elevation. Some buildings within the fort compound had the French mansard roof style, with dormer windows extending from each roof ( see enlarged building images below, or building profiles at top of 1725 map ). Cleve Creek Campground Elevation: 598 ft McGill, Nevada, United States 14. So that was cool. Should you like to chat further please use the contact pages form located at the top of the blog. Here I was able to get a good photo looking down onto Pine Mountain Club. McGee Creek Campground Basics McGee Creek Campground Location: Two miles west of Highway 395 on McGee Creek Road, near Crowley Lake Elevation: 7,600 feet Mileage from major cities: 302 miles north of Los Angeles 175 McGill Campground Mt. Immediately after this junction the trail splits again. McGill Campground is at the 7300 elevation. From here it's uphill until the spur trail to Sawmill Mtn. Mcgill Campground After passing Mcgill the next Campground you come across is Mount Pinos Campground . Pinos.’ The other two species we collected in Arizona, where Cohn had told us that only two species of ” is the When I did, I approached it from the opposite direction and did not come up the main spur trail. At this next junction veer left to stay on the path to Mt pinos or go right on a quick detour that will take you in about 0.2 miles to a really nice scenic vista point. [2] The landscape is stark and dramatically sculpted by the elements. Grouse was complete with Summit Register as this is another HPS Peak. This peak is also Part of the Sierra Clubs hundred peak section or "HPS" as its known. McGill Campgroundsits at an elevation of 7,400 feet in western Los Padres National Forest. Check below for listings of current closures and links to local weather reports. Click on any image to enlarge and feel free to drop a comment on any post. A very short distance after passing through the gate you will come to a junction, go left here and continue uphill for about 1 mile until reaching another junction. McGill Campground on Mt. There is a small Sawmill sits at about 8,819' elevation. Cerro Noroeste (9N25) Road to Campo Alto Campground is closed for the winter season. There is no USGS Survey Marker here that I could find But there was another HPS Summit Register and someone left a few goodies in it.