However, ginger ale does have some healthy compounds such as calcium, iron, copper, and magnesium, etc. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Her blog focuses on real food for a balanced life, seasonal recipes, and approachable health advice. It may not be the healthiest, but it certainly is a healthier option. This anti-inflammatory benefits of ginger are mainly because of the presence of an active compound called “Gingerols” in it. Ginger is very beneficial for our digestive health. To create ginger ale fermented ginger is used which makes it fizzy and also adds numerous medicinal properties for which it is known for centuries. Add ginger juice to your smoothies (or mimosas! It inhibits the production of prostaglandin which is responsible for causing inflammation in the body. Ginger ale is basically a ginger-flavored sweetened soft drink, but on the other hand, ginger beer is strong, spicier and less carbonated than the ginger ale. It also improves our metabolism which means it speeds up the rate at which food gets properly digested by our body. You can also easily make your own ginger syrup at home by gently boiling the ingredients for 30 minutes and straining the mixture through a sieve or strainer for a smoother texture. Pour in one part Kahlúa, three parts ginger ale. In its natural form, ginger ale is very low in sugar but it is common for the manufacturers to add sugar to this drink to make it a pleasant drink. Want a cup of vitamin coffee? Immediate surgery is needed to resolve the issue. This versatile superfood hosts a bevy of health benefits, from treating nausea to reducing muscle pain. Unless you have ginger. Ingredients 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 1/2 cup sugar 1 large egg, beaten 2 cups all-purpose flour, mixed with 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup (250 ml) dry ), 7. Once the sugar is dissolved, lower the flame and keep cooking the mixture for a minimum of 15 minutes. Grate 1 inch of ginger and mix it with honey or melted coconut oil, then drizzle it over your breakfast bowl. Ginger tea for your daily dose of vitamin C, 3. Garnish with a slice of orange, orange wedge … For a regular and heavy period, it is better to avoid it. It is advisable to make ginger ale at home instead of consuming those available in the market because of a couple of reasons such as control over the quality and quantity of the ingredients, no excessive sugar, and no caffeine. Coffee and ginger create one powerful free radical-fighting duo, especially since coffee is one of the world’s biggest sources of antioxidants. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Consuming too much sugar during pregnancy can hurt the cognitive development of the baby and also increases the risk of gestational diabetes. Ginger ale has a lighter and a sweeter bounce to it while the ginger beer is more robust. However, if you have chosen to drink ginger ale during sickness then it is advisable to make ginger ale at home. During pregnancy, it is suggested to drink ginger ale ( home brewed) occasionally and after having a word with your doctor about the same. Iced Ginger Coffee This inspired iced coffee features a surprising pairing with ginger ale. So this one is super easy to make. Spread a dash of ginger jam on your biscuits, 4. Also, if you are already taking medications for preventing blood clots, then you should keep an eye on your ginger ale intake as the anticoagulant properties of it may worsen the situation. Bile juice plays an important role in digestion as it breaks down fats into fatty acids which are much easier to digest. So, you are more likely to get the benefits from ginger with the ginger ale, and not from the ginger beer. It includes a myriad of health benefits, from boosting the metabolism to naturally fighting bacteria. Try these lemon ginger pre-workout breakfast cookies by Vega for some seriously sustained energy. On the other hand, ginger ale is a non-alcoholic beverage. Sometimes our kidneys develop kidney stones due to the excessive accumulation of calcium, oxalate and uric acid in our body. Ginger juice is great in a variety of things, like stir-fries and salad dressings. You can still reap the benefits of ginger on the go. Making ginger ale at home is very convenient and cost-effective. Most of them contain carbonated water, lemon or lime, and sugar. When she’s not in the kitchen, Tiffany enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling, organic gardening, and hanging out with her corgi, Cocoa. You can easily make your own ginger tea at home by grating gingerroot and letting it seep in boiling water for 10 minutes. Some other differences between ginger ale and ginger beer are as follows. When our food is well digested, it minimizes the risk of gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, abdominal pain, irritable bowel syndrome, gas and bloating, etc. The warming nature of the ginger protects our body from hypothermia and also from other medical condition that may arise due to cold weather such as pneumonia, frostbite, etc. However, with that being said, you should always take a look at the ingredients mentioned on the ginger ale bottle. These ingredients help in the natural fermentation, and if left untreated for a long time at room temperature then fermentation can also lead to the formation of alcohol. Garnish with a slice of orange, orange wedge or an orange wheel if you’re … The earliest mention of ginger beer is from 1809 in England, and at that time it was a farmhouse staple, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented ginger, honey and lemon juice. The Surprising Truth, How to Make That Sweet Potato Toast You’ve Been Seeing Everywhere on Instagram, The 13 Most Anti-Inflammatory Foods You Can Eat, Kalonji: Weight Loss, Benefits, and Side Effects, Shepherd's Purse: Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, and More. Northern Neck Ginger Ale has been around since 1926, and the brand was acquired by Coca-Cola in 2001. Both can be with other drinks to make mocktails or cocktails. These benefits are because of ginger, a natural herb with medicinal and culinary benefits. For this reason and as well as because of their anticoagulant nature, it is advised to stop drinking ginger ale three weeks prior to surgery as otherwise it can lead to internal bleeding and slowed healing. oz can. If ginger juice is too strong on its own for you, go ahead and add some to your morning smoothie or post-workout protein shake. Eating breakfast can be either good or bad, depending on what foods you eat. However, it should be noted that ginger is known to stimulate menstruation flow. They are made by using ginger flavoring. The anti-cancer properties of the gingerol help with the apoptosis, which is also known as programmed cell death. Here are the 12 best foods to eat in the morning. On the other hand, NSAID drugs ( used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases) such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and indomethacin, etc. The kidney is a vital organ that acts as a natural filtration system and removes toxins, waste and excess water from our system. This ubiquitous classic that most of us drink on the airplane is still near the top. Consuming ginger ale on a regular and moderate basis is an effective natural remedy for dissolving kidney stones. Because of this property, it is very effective for protecting our body from cold. can cause severe issues such as kidney damage, high blood pressure, and stomach ulcer. Tiffany La Forge is a professional chef, recipe developer, and food writer who runs the blog Parsnips and Pastries. 2. Ginger ale is a popular carbonated beverage made by flavoring soft drink with ginger. Let it cool naturally without the use of a fan or air conditioner. Why Do People Drink Ginger Ale When They Are Sick? What Is Plantain Weed, and How Do You Use It? Find sweet potato toast recipes that feature everything from avocado to nut butter. Although I’ve tried my best to keep the information contained in this post as accurate and updated as possible, I make no guarantee of the accurateness of the same. Add all ingredients. Jagermeister Quickie-Cooler Party Shots. In general and in ideal condition ginger ale doesn’t have any caffeine added to it. P.S- Consider sharing this post, if you find it useful and/or interesting. This article lists 13 foods that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects. All the glories and benefits of ginger ale go down the drain if you are allergic to them. Add lemon juice to the solution and mix well. Or, find ginger tea in stores. At times like these, it's best to keep your distance and ride out the storm. The information contained in the post is for general purpose only and shouldn’t be considered as medical advice or as an alternative to medical advice. The antioxidants in the ginger ale combats with the free radicals stabilize them and thus prevents them from causing oxidative stress to our body. However, there are a couple of side effects that may arise when the ginger ale is consumed in large quantity. This article examines the research on breakfast, weight loss and health. To get your morning superfood pick-me-up, simply add ground ginger to your java (up to 1 teaspoon per cup), or try making the Yemeni drink qishr. Low on time? Gingerol present in the ginger stimulates and as well as controls the production of stomach acid. For weight loss, it is better to drink ginger tea as it increases metabolism, improves digestion and helps with the detoxification. Any surgery is incomplete without the use of anesthesia, and ginger ale is known to react with certain anesthetic agents. The active compounds present in the ginger helps in dilating blood vessels, improves blood flow and thus supports other better biological functions. However, if you are drinking home-brewed ginger ale and there is no conflicting ingredient such as sugar and caffeine involved, then drinking ginger ale during pregnancy is a great choice. Ginger is very beneficial for our heart and improves our cardiovascular health. Canada Dry. High doses of ginger in ginger ale cause heart palpitation. Ginger has a warm tendency which means it increases the heat and warmth in the body. Additionally, it also maintains electrolyte balance in our body, maintains overall fluid balance and creates hormones that produce red blood cells, regulates blood pressure and promotes bone health. Free radical damage is bad for our body and may increase the risk of central nervous system diseases like Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular problems, autoimmune and respiratory problems, age-related macular degeneration, increased risk of various cancers and premature aging. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. As these are unstabilized, so they steal electrons from the neighboring molecules and while doing so, it causes oxidative damage to our cells and tissues. “Ginger ale is definitely in the ‘junk drink’ category,” begins Stacy Mitchell Doyle, MD, resident physician of FoodTherapyMD and long-time advocate of plant-based nutritional protocols. With all of ginger’s incredible health benefits and low-effort methods to make any breakfast fit for royalty, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t want to include it in the most important meal of the day. Because the active ingredients, mainly the gingerol is very beneficial for providing relief from nausea and vomiting experienced during the sickness. 2 teaspoons instant coffee; 1/4 cup hot water; What You Have To Do. Regular intake of ginger ale is very beneficial for women experiencing menstrual problems. It also helps in improving cardiovascular and circulatory health. It also has many other health benefits as explained earlier in this article. Ginger beer was initially made as an alcoholic beverage with the use of ingredients such as fermented ginger, water, and sugar. What Are Licorice Root's Benefits and Downsides? Just get a glass, fill it with ice cubes. At the final step, add club soda to the mixture and stir well. Adding ginger to your morning breakfast bowl provides some serious anti-inflammatory benefits, especially for people with rheumatoid arthritis. It’s also particularly good for treating pain, menstrual cramps, and exercise-induced soreness. Fill with ginger ale and stir slightly. (4) Effective Against Nausea And Vomiting, (6) Good For Preventing And Treating Ovarian Cancer, Difference Between Ginger Ale And Ginger Beer, Frequently Asked Questions About Ginger Ale. Grab a healthy, gluten-free turmeric and ginger Lärabar or meal prep some ginger energy bites, like these delicious dough balls Well Plated calls her “saving grace.” These treats make for a healthy breakfast if you’re rushing out the door. Gallstones, which are solid particles formed in the gallbladder by the solidification of the bile juice ( caused by the high cholesterol level or high bilirubin level) generally stay inside the gallbladder. Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Is skipping breakfast really linked to weight gain and other problems? Small kidney stones automatically pass out of the urine, but once they get bigger in size, it can cause pain, vomiting, nausea, recurring urinary tract infections and as well as damage to kidneys and ureter. This benefit is because of the gingerols that aids in destroying the ovarian cancer cells. Another advantage of ginger ale is its ability to prevent and treat ovarian cancers. A bowl of crunchy, fiber-rich granola is always an easy breakfast choice. How to mix. Ginger ale first emerged in the mid 19th century in present-day Northern Ireland. This benefit of ginger ale is because of its antioxidantal properties. Since Coca-Cola announced the decision to scrap the drink, fans have turned out in support. These both drinks are widely combined with other drinks to make cocktails and mocktails. Free radicals are the unstabilized ions produced in our body during various metabolic reactions. According to the USDA that is the U.S. Department of Agriculture, ginger ales generally contain 29 grams of sugar and 133 calories per serving. For this reason, doctors advise us to limit our ginger ale intake… If your stomach is upset, then it can take care of that too because of the natural compounds present in it. However, when the bile juice is produced in excessive quantity ( because of ginger ale), then the risk of gallstones being stuck in the bile duct increases tremendously. Ginger is very effective for treating morning sickness during pregnancy, and also nausea caused due to chemotherapy. To tackle this problem, the short brewing period is used for the creation of this fizzy drink. It will be completely natural and you will have complete control over the ingredients, and you will be able to make it as per your liking ( after some trial and errors). Pour in one part Kahl ú a, three parts ginger ale. Bring the Beast Home. It restricts the proper functionality of the kidneys. $33.24 $ 33. It is most suitable for women that experience irregular periods. In a small amount, ginger is good for treating nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, but in large doses, it can cause premature termination of the pregnancy. Visit her at her blog or on Instagram. In general, ginger ale is good for our stomach and as well as for overall gastrointestinal health and provides relief from various gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal pain, stomach bloating, indigestion and flatulence, etc. Whether you’re buying it or making your own (using this fantastically easy recipe by Wendolonia), a smear of ginger jam is delicious on toast or biscuits. For making ginger ale, take one cup of water and add sliced ginger, brown sugar, and white sugar to it, and then boil the mixture in a saucepan. The ginger ale drinks that we get from the market are loaded with sugar which is a big no, especially during the pregnancy stage. In this step, the mixture will turn into a syrup. Ginger ale may cause allergic reactions in some people and if you are one of them, you should avoid ginger ale at all cost. Add ice to a highball glass. For a spin on this morning beverage, try a gut-awakening ginger juice. 1 cup of diet ginger ale contains .8 to very low calories in total. Ginger helps reducing the pain, swelling and the stiffness associated with the inflammation. Instead of turning to coffee pods, learn how to make it yourself by adding one of these six healthy ingredients. Just get a glass, fill it with ice cubes. It helps with the morning sickness during pregnancy, and the other compounds such as magnesium, calcium, iron, and copper, etc. Rating: 4.17 (6 reviews) Also, some soft drink brands add caffeine to the ginger ale to make it an energy drink. Ginger ale is a nonalcoholic beverage which means it can’t make intoxicated even in your dreams. On the contrary, excessive intake of ginger ale ( in the hope of weight loss) may cause weight gain because of the preservatives and sugar added to it. This century-old ginger ale is a household name and personal favorite … Compared to other drinks, this means the caffeine levels of Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer are … 1/4 pound peeled and thinly sliced ginger. Create the perfect Vodka Ginger Ale with this step-by-step guide. It is a wonderful anticoagulant that minimizes the formation of blood clots, which could otherwise increase the risk of heart stroke. How to mix. The company The Ginger People created their organic ginger syrup as a creative alternative to pancake syrup. Commercial ginger ale is a non-alcoholic ginger-flavored carbonated drink. The main ingredient of the ginger ale is ginger, which is a natural herb that provides many benefits. kidney stones automatically pass out of the urine, Thinly Sliced fresh organic ginger- 1½ cup. They may share a common flavor, but they aren’t quite exactly the same. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Strain the mixture, and let the mixture cool down at normal temperature. It should be noted that blood clots are not a problem as they are formed to stop bleeding from the wounds. However, there is a downside to this. It is quite common to think that ginger ale is nothing but just another carbonated beverage with loads of sugar. Although ginger ale has a lot of benefits, there are also some side effects that you should keep an eye on. This article tells you all you need to know about shepherd's…, Licorice root is an ancient herbal remedy that's commonly found in teas, supplements, and candies — but you may have heard that too much can have an…, You may be used to thinking of the plantain in your garden as a persnickety weed, but you may not know that this plant has several uses as a food and…. Which Is Better, Ginger Ale or The Ginger Beer? Additionally, to preserve the natural taste of the ginger ale, use of natural ginger is a must. And, if you are about to go under the knife, then it is advisable to stop consuming ginger ( or any other anticoagulant) 3 weeks prior surgery ( and as well as 3 weeks post-surgery) for timely healing of the wounds. This article reviews whether kalonji may aid weight loss, as well as…, Shepherd’s purse is a traditional herbal remedy that’s often used to reduce bleeding. By drinking too much ginger ale, you may feel bloated and as well as experience difficulty with the visuals. If you are behind the health benefits, then it is better to go with the ginger ale as most of the store-bought ginger beer doesn’t even use actual ginger these days. Gingerol modifies the DNA of the cancer cells and leads them to self-destruction. When it comes to ginger ale, one major brand always comes to mind: Canada Dry. All rights reserved. One of the most dreaded side effects of ginger ale is the risk of causing heart palpitations when consumed in excessive quantity. Ginger ale is very beneficial for protecting our cells and tissues from the oxidative damage caused by the free radicals. Well, it mainly depends on the purpose you would like to consume them. A cup of this spicy tea in the morning would be particularly helpful in relieving nausea, motion sickness, or pregnancy-induced morning sickness. Add sugar to taste. Top with ginger ale. It’s easier to rely on than any other superfood and can be easily added to any meal of the day. A better choice will be to make ginger ale at home. The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger ale provide relief from period cramps. Ginger tea is a popular beverage for warming up chilly winters.,,, Pantries are often … Pro tip: For people on a low-sugar fix, you can also mince ginger and fold it into your butter. However, it is also famous for causing uterine contractions and for this reason, pregnant women are advised to be cautious of ginger consumption during the pregnancy stage. For a super dose of nutrition, try this superfood granola that’s packed with 11 superfoods (including ginger, of course). Natural ginger ale contains high calorie where 14% is just carbs. However, if you are suffering from gallbladder diseases, then excessive consumption of ginger ale can have an adverse effect on your health as ginger is known to worsen the gallbladder issues. Which ways are you looking forward to incorporating ginger into your morning routine? However, when one brand seems to be heads and tails above the rest, I’m tempted to verify if that’s really the case—after all, there might be an amazing ginger ale … Pour the Hennessy cognac into a highball glass. Diet ginger ale eliminates this issue. The commercially produced ginger ale available in the market is not as effective as the homemade ginger ale because in market ginger ale, use of natural ginger is decreasing and artificial ginger flavoring is taking its place. Stir the solution frequently and ensures that both sugars get dissolves completely. Whether you want to hide the spicy kick with creamy butter or let it fire up your senses first thing as you drink your coffee, ginger can bring both amazing and unique flavors to your morning. Heat the prune juice by microwaving it for 45-60 minutes. help in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Pour in the Kahlua coffee liqueur. Ginger ale and ginger beer are both very refreshing beverages on their own. Add ice cubes to fill the glass. Combine coffee & water and allow to cool. Ginger is anti-inflammatory in nature which means it is very effective for providing relief from the pain and inflammation caused by inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, and gouts, etc. Later, nonalcoholic ginger beer became popular. Stir in remaining ingredients. This happens to be one of the most dreaded side effects of ginger ale. They turn into a problem only when they start forming inside of an artery or vein. In a study conducted on 24 healthy individuals, it was observed that just consuming 1.2 grams of dried ginger powder before the meal accelerated the speed of emptying of the stomach by 50 percent. Earlier it was known as the golden ginger ale because of its reddish color. There's a healthier "toast" taking over. Those are high in sugar and artificial flavors and have almost nutritional value. With only two ingredients, this tasty syrup is delicious when used in beverages, baked goods, oatmeal, pancakes, and waffles. But what makes it really super? It is basically a carbonated beverage with ginger as the main ingredient and lemon and sugar used as additional ingredients. Ginger ale available in the market especially the artificially flavored one is not what we are looking for. Total carbs in diet ginger ale … It contains antioxidants, gingerols, shogaols, zingerones, and ketones derivates that aids in dissolving kidney stones. Ginger ale is not an ideal choice for weight loss. Share on Pinterest. Pantries are often stocked with fruit jams, but ever try ginger jam? Sure, ginger is used in popular baked goods — there’s gingerbread, ginger snaps, ginger-spiced cakes and pies. Here are eight ways to reap the health benefits of ginger in your breakfast. Get a boost of energy with some on-the-go superfood, 8. If you … Consuming too much sugar during pregnancy can hurt the cognitive development of the baby and also increases the risk of gestational diabetes. Not only is it warm and comforting, it may help calm an upset stomach. This benefit of ginger ale is also due to the active compound called “Gingerol” in it. It’s the same with brands like Reese’s and LaCroix—they stand out in their field as the most iconic examples of what they do. Benefits of ginger ale can be best enjoyed when you brew it at home ( later in this article, we will cover the brewing method). Garnish with a lime wedge. Absolut Vodka, Ginger Ale, Lime Some companies do add caffeine to ginger ale and sell it as an energy drink. This is very dangerous as the gallstones stuck in the bile duct may block bile flow, and may cause severe pain and inflammation in the right upper abdominal quadrant, jaundice and nausea. It can also lead to acidity and vomiting. We include products we think are useful for our readers. With so much information packed onto every product label, it can be tricky to know where to start when looking to add a supplement to your diet. Being a natural compound, it is a healthier choice. Canada Dry. Pregnant women are advised to limit their caffeine intake, and for this reason, you should away from such ginger ale drinks. Mix the instant coffee with hot water and add this to the prune … Now, the question is, if they are both use ginger, fizzy water, and sugar, then what sets them apart? Chronic inflammation can lead to weight gain and disease. There are several health benefits of ginger ale. Garnish with a lime wedge or slices of fresh ginger. This…, Recently, kalonji has gained popularity for its purported weight loss benefits. For people who exercise in the morning, they’re filled with healthy fats and protein to improve your performance. Consumption of ginger in any form can trigger an arrhythmia if consumed in very high quantities. Spread a dash of ginger jam on your biscuits. I say “commercial” because ginger ale was originally a dark fermented drink first brewed in the 1800s in … For this reason, doctors advise us to limit our ginger ale intake. They even have a similar flavor, but the noticeable difference is that the ginger ale has a lighter taste with little sweetness added to it, but the ginger beer is strong and vigorous. While breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it can sometimes get a little repetitive and boring. The prolonged use of ginger ale may dilute your blood level to an extreme level so much so that the natural healing of the wounds also becomes a difficult task. Both ginger ale and ginger beer are refreshing beverages that use ginger as the main ingredient. So this one is super easy to make. This benefit is mainly because of the rhizome of the ginger. Move over, bread. Courtesy of Katie Shepherd, this recipe incorporates our Organic Cafe Altura Freeze … The main ingredients of ginger ale drink are farm fresh ginger and ginger bug. Fold them into your breakfast pastries, lemon ginger pre-workout breakfast cookies, 6 Ways to Boost Your Coffee with Vitamins and Antioxidants, Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, Is Skipping Breakfast Bad for You? A high percentage of carb in ginger ale is deadly for those who are attempting to lose some weight. It stimulates the production of saliva, digestive juices, and bile juice and helps our body to digest food efficiently. Here’s our process. Ginger is a natural anticoagulant which means it helps in dissolving blood clots, and as well as slows down the formation of blood clots. The anticoagulant nature of the ginger also aids in lowering the level of bad LDL cholesterol in our body. Combine 2 parts of ice cold amaretto with … By using the same technique, gingerol can also help in the treatment of colon cancer. Serve over ice. But adding fragrant, spicy ginger granola to the mix would make it even better! It is also effective against heartburn, the sharp burning sensation that occurs when the stomach acid moves upwards towards the esophagus. Taking care of this vital organ is very important for healthy living. Ginger ale is known for improving digestive health as it improves the secretion of bile juice in our body. This just may become your new favorite thing, especially if you’re into bulletproof, or butter, coffee. More options available: $34.99: FREE Shipping on eligible orders: See … Replace your maple syrup with a zestier option, 6. It is advisable to consult with your doctor about the same. This traditional Middle Eastern ginger coffee isn’t only spicy and delicious, it can also aid in digestion. The caffeine content in Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer is 0 mg per 12.00 fl. Unlike most of the carbonated soda drinks, ginger ale does not have caffeine. But you can rely on ginger to amp up breakfast pastries, too. Some of the common allergic reactions caused by the ginger ale are breathing difficulties, swollen tongue and lips, choked throat and itchy rashes in the body. Dr. Doyle continues, “Just like every other soda, ginger ale … For anyone craving a comforting bite of classic PB&J, try a unique variation of peanut butter and ginger jam. 24 ($0.44/Count) Subscribe & Save. Ginger produces warmth in the body which relaxes our blood vessels, improves blood flow and thus minimizes the risk of various cardiovascular problems such as heart attack, heart stroke and coronary artery disease. Because of its ability to dilate blood vessels and improves blood flow, it prevents the formation of blood clots during menstrual bleeding. This way you can have 8 glasses of fresh ginger ale and that too without the risk of any kind of adulteration or unwanted substances like caffeine or preservatives. Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason's Blend K-Cup Coffee Pods... 4.8 out of 5 stars 18,887. It doesn’t have any fat or cholesterol from which we all are so worried. This is useful for people with cardiovascular problems as the formation of blood clots in the arteries increases the risk of heart failure, and the anticoagulant nature of the ginger improves blood circulation.