All of our seal logo templates are original and high resolution so you can rest assured your logo will look fantastic on your business cards, … Corporate Seal Template Word. Open the digital copy of the logo or seal in a graphic design software package or photo-editing software package. I am looking for using Digital Company Stamp/Seal and using Digital Signatures for only the directors to sign off digital documents. Receive your digital seal in JPG format by email in hours. Would have liked to have the words "State of" instead of corporate and "Est." in patient admission or at the POS, Solution for qualified electronic signature with smartphone according to EU regulation eIDAS („remote signature“) without signature card and card reader, Audit-proof long-term preservation of evidence value of digital documents – e.g. 9 were here. Choose Your Seal Logo Template. Viele Cookies enthalten eine sogenannte Cookie-ID. Instead of Seal. It is the digital stamp for companies and organizations in the private sector, for public authorities and for healthcare institutions. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your Corporate Seal Template For Word - instantly with SignNow. Corp Connect offers customized seal embossers and stamps online with fast shipping! Today, a corporate seal may be used for deeds and for bank accounts, but even these uses of the corporate seal are becoming more and more rare. Fightclub is in 1990 opgericht, al heette het toen nog The Communication Company (TCC). Photo detail for Instant Electronic Digital Company Seal: patient files, records and personal status data – in the E-Archive with time stamps from qualified trusted service providers, Use qualified time stamps in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation to reliably prove the content status of documents at a certain point in time, Protect e-bills against cyber counterfeiting and ensure integrity and authenticity in accordance with VAT legislation, High-performance and flexible server software for centralized automated processes for e-signatures, e-seals, time stamps, PDF/A and more in complex application scenarios, Versatile signature software for the workstation to sign, seal and timestamp individual documents or document batches in one pass, Powerful software solution for the revision-safe long-term preservation of evidence value of digital documents in the e-archive with qualified time stamps and in accordance with LTANS/ERS and TR-ESOR cryptomodule, Free software for checking signed and sealed documents as well as digital time stamps according to EU-eIDAS-VO including encryption and decryption against snoopers, Signature equipment – digiSeal signature software, signature and seal cards as well as card readers – order quickly and conveniently in the online shop, Technical support for secrypt customers via telephone hotline, e-mail and remote service, Profile, services, products and commitments of the e-signature experts at secrypt GmbH, Current job offers for developers and consultants and office impressions from Berlin, Our integration, technology and sales partners network our products with users and their industry-specific systems, A selection of our small, medium and large projects across many industries, from healthcare to public administration to the private sector, Presentation of essential principles and the functional principle of the electronic signature as well as the legal framework of trust services in Germany and Europe. Download Company Seal Word templates designs today. We offer the seals in two forms of .jpg files, one a simple seal format in black or our new "3-D" gold seal which would dress up any certificate or document. The user can export the company seal as a png image(1024 pt x 1024 pt)  for other uses.