The Fishing drone by SwellPro costs 1399$ and not 1699$ like you said here. We review here whatever is relevant for fishing. For example in this video here. SwellPro was chosen as a better fishing drone over DJI, not as a better drone. The 6S is stronger than the 4S and it will be able to carry heavier loads, bigger props, more bait drops, and a stronger charger. When I look back, in the early versions of each drone (Phantom, SplashDrone and etc), the price tag of these drones was relatively low. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Great service, great prices., great communication and they also will ship it very fast. While 3 years ago, many drone reviewers avoided SwellPro, today, no one ignores it anymore – and you shouldn’t as well. Another drone that in the contesting for the best fishing drone is the UpAir One. However, after so many questions and requests by SwellPro’s customers, SwellPro developed the TrollSafe device, which you can attach to the SPRY+ and use it for fishing. She has years of experience reviewing drones and other tech products. I recommend not to fly the drone in strong winds. Pingback: Get the Amazing Fishing Drones from Finish-Tackle.Com – Welcome To Copyright © 2014 - 2020 Dronethusiast | All Rights Reserved. You can find one like that here. But, this drone is being sold only in Australia. Or like some people that even used their drone as a fishing rod to take the fish out of the water. Autel EVO II Drones and Packages; Autel EVO II Accessories; Splashdrone. Mobula Fishing Drone Package. The fly time of the drone is 25 minutes which is very good. The Autel Robotics X-Star is really a great drone and it is one of our favorites in general. It is one of the best drones for photography, but for fishing… well, I honestly prefer not to risk it and use something else. And this post will be listing the available drones that can be used for fishing. The Mavic Pro has a specifically designed payload release (not an official device by DJI) and you can find some cheap (60$) and some expensive (200$). The drone has a remarkable 7” display and 360 degrees’ camera which allows you to view a crystal-clear image of your surroundings, which will definitely help you scout for fish above the water. And despite the fact that this drone has the shortest fly range in this list, it should be more than enough for you. 3DR Solo. There are very few drones specifically made and designed for fishing, but if you have your hands on one currently, you probably already know how to use it and how fishing works. By the way, its Pro version can even lift up to 5Kg. I know that probably you will ask how can it be that the same review for Phantom 4 will be good for Phantom 3 as well? The full set price of the SwellPro SPRY+ drone is 1,169$. Engineered to be tough and safe, our drones can carry a total dead weight of 4 kg, handle 35 km/h winds, and boast a multitude of safety features to ensure its safe … It is a bit pricy, as it will be selling for 2,800$. That is really impressive. So, if you are experienced with flying drones, you will be able to have more sessions of dropping baits with this drone. – The 3DR drone is easy to fly and has multiple intelligent flight modes, – It’s more affordable than other competitor fishing drones, – This drone requires an action camera and does not come with a gimbal, – The Upair One is a solid budget option for fishing drones, – It is easy to fly and perfect for beginner pilots, – The Upair One has a fairly short flight range of only 300m. $10.00 coupon applied at checkout Save $10.00 with coupon. – Like its competitors, the Typhoon H is large and bulky which makes it more difficult to travel with. Last important feature, but not least, is the flip function. Ships Nov 26 - Dec 1. Well, DJI Inspire 2 is one of the best drones out there with no questions asked. The full set price of the DJI Phantom 3 is 1399$. And for each type of device, you have several options to choose from. This drone can get up to 89 KMH. Hook, Line, and Sinker. Regarding the battery life, it will give you an amazing 25 minutes of enjoyable fishing. Also my Slashdrone 3 fits in the overhead compartment on a plane where you have to check the Poseidon in, as the metal case which is about 185 us is bulky. Since this drone was made specifically for fishing it comes equipped with a fishing line and the most high-quality technology for you to have an awesome fishing experience while practicing your drone skills. But don’t take it as a promise, same as some succeeded, many others didn’t. I am sure that while reading this article, you chose your favorite best fishing drone. I will be honest and say that when I thought on reviewing this drone, I thought that it will be a waste of time. It’s a solid and wide remote control, which has its own display. Finally, another drone in this list that can be seriously considered. This is due to some shipping restrictions. The props are screw on as opposed to the Splashdrone 3. I also have a tutorial that instructs how to install the payload release to the drone. Regarding reviews, The only one I could find on the internet was made by Gannet’s company, so you can imagine what type of review it was. Another great feature of this drone is thanks to the combination of 2 features of this drone. This can be a bit dangerous to you and to your surroundings. That’s why we recommend you use Drone Pilot Ground School to learn to fly and get your 107 license to fly from the FAA. Click To Shop or Read Reviews. Free Delivery and Guaranteed the Best. You can land the drone very easily, and you don’t need to be very gentle with it when you land it. It has a solid, watertight … Still, a load of 200 grams can be more than enough for beginners, however, for serious surf fishermen, it is not enough. This drone is completely new and it was developed by Gannet, the company which is known for making payload release devices for drones. Marvelous post! Our releases work with all DJI Drones. And since the camera is not built-in to the drone, you will need to make sure you have enough batteries to it as well, and that all batteries of the camera and of the drone are all charged before going out for fishing. Is it good for fishing? They’re used as an alternative to fishing with a predator, fish harvester, or sea horse. You can use it to have an edge on where the best catches are. Full set price of the Gannet Pro Plus  is 2,285$. And like many other videos about drones that crashed into the water, you will find a video with this drone underwater as well. Your email address will not be published. That means that you don’t need to fly this drone using your cell phone. Need to charge drone and camera separately. So I don’t want to disappoint anyone that wants to have it. Another issue that made me disappointed is the price tag. Not too much information is available around it, however, the few that we are aware of, we will share with you. Let me know what you think about this post on the best drones for fishing in the comments section below. Regarding its’ payload release device that comes along with it, keep in mind that it is NOT waterproof, so make sure to keep this device away from water, otherwise you can cause an electric circuit in the servo. First, the drone is splash resistant, which means it is not 100% waterproof. it is okay, but I do hope to see that improving. The Seahorse™ Electric Kontiki is the world's most popular beach fishing system. It can also be used to carry very large baits (maximum 4kg), to chase sharks and other game fish from any land-based location. For example, do you want to use an add-on, such as a bait cache? But, there are several companies who designed a special payload release device for the DJI Phantom. I hope the Mobula drone will be successful and we will see it around us very soon. There is a guy on trademe offering a demo of using the Drone as a kontiki, he will do a demo for you, they can fly over a km in a couple of minutes, I thought the bait my be freeze dried … Here is a short video of how you land the Revo 4 drone.