Some containments offer better containment hygiene than others. In stock and ready to ship. There are many different types of stuffing box wellhead containments on the market in the USA, Canada, and throughout the world. The terms compression packing, stuffing box and gland come from these early sailors. Sureshot Fluid Level System . The packing is inside the gland nut and creates the seal. The stuffing box is the seal around a boat’s propeller shaft that keeps the water out and allows the shaft to rotate freely. New Charter Vacation Routines. A Stuffing box can come in many sizes, shapes, pressure ratings and most importantly with various sealing arrangements. The largest reason to use a containment is over all cost savings. SB Series: Traditional Bronze Stuffing Boxes. Remove old packing from stuffing box (if replacing packing). At CPP Distribution we offer quality stuffing box packing for a variety of pumping environments. We understand. Environmental spills cost oil companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, with wellhead containment on the stuffing box, producers can reduce the over all environmental footprint of pumping units while reducing the down time caused by spills and leaks. Do you need a replacement packing nut for your boat’s bronze stuffing box, rudder port, or self-aligning shaft seal? LP with 2-in. Technical Support. It is a sensor switch that looks like a tuning fork, and when the switch senses product touching the switch it will shut down the pumping unit. By Steve D Antonio. SA Series: Self-aligning Shaft Seals. Accidents happen and occasionally our customers will damage a packing nut or lose it overboard. Start » Shop » Packing Nuts » Packing Nut Replacement | Stuffing Box. Each unit will screw on to the side externally of the wellhead containment and will be wired with the pumping unit. At CPP Distribution we offer quality stuffing box packing for a variety of pumping environments. The shaft is wrapped by the packing and put in the gland nut. Compression Packing. The switch for the wellhead containment has different names. The rubbers inside the stuffing box, known as ‘packing’, are compressed around the moving shaft. CPP Distribution USA has been a world leader supplying OEMS, field stores and producers around the globe with their well head seal components, primarily stuffing box packing arrangements. Product Contamination/Dilution Since many sealing applications require the packing to include a flush to cool, the cost to remove the flush water or the possible contamination may be an issue in some applications. Aside from keeping oil in the flow line containments allow producers to run leaner during times of lower oil prices, the containment allows for less visits which give service companies the ability to cover more wells. Thomas Marine Hardware is committed to making boating safer and more enjoyable by manufacturing the highest quality products and offering exceptional customer service. Thank you! This grease based packing is very reliable, however if the stuffing box gland nut is over tightened, the flax packing can heat up causing high temperatures and possibly damaging the shaft. Only $4.95 shipping for any length of 3/16" you purchase. Learn More. Learn More. With the use of most secondary containment, when a packing leak occurs, the pumping unit will shut down, stop the polish rod from stroking as this stops most of the flow of produced fluids, preventing large environmental spills. Duramax Marine LLC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. * Our items will ship quickly, please make sure your Paypal shipping address is correct before placing your order. The application can change during the yearly seasonal temperature changes or over the life of the production. Polished rod support (PRS) is required during well servicing to prevent the transfer of rod string weight to the packing; Tee Base Inverted Stuffing Box (IVSBT) Combines IVSB and cross-tee with 1-in. Stuffing Box Accessibility Because packing will wear over time and require gland adjustments, the stuffing box must be accessible to maintain the packing. MP Series: Multipurpose Rudder Port with Rectangle Flanges. BRAND NEW TEFLON SHAFT PACKING FOR YOUR BOAT STUFFING BOX . Dome Packing. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Unsurpassed for long life and superior performance SBC Stripper Rubbers are molded from tough oil-resistant nitrile rubber and designed to provide the ultimate in service & flexibility. Boat Drive Train, Shaft Packing & Stuffing Boxes. If your existing shaft or shaft liner is badly worn or damaged it should be replaced. The rubber hose connects the bronze stuffing box to the boats shaft log and needs to be replaced periodically. Charter Provisioning in the Covid-19 Era. Polish Rod Packing – Sucker Rod Artificial Lift. 4.8 out of 5 stars 916. larryeddington 2020 Forum Support Posts: 1859 Joined: Mon Sep 28, 2009 9:08 pm Location: Canton, TX Boat on TEXOMA. Over time, many improvements in packing construction and materials were made. Home / Cone Packing – Stuffing Box Rubbers. The rubbers inside the stuffing box, known as ‘packing’, are compressed around the moving shaft. Learn More. Stuffing Box Packing. … Choose from our selection of stuffing box seals, including oil- and water-resistant packing seals, chemical-resistant packing seals, and more. Wireless Dyno . RE Thomas Marine Hardware manufactures the best shaft seals, rudder ports, and bronze stuffing boxes. Top. CPP Distribution formerly Canadian Pump & Packing Co Ltd has been a world leader supplying OEMS, field stores and producers around the globe with their well head seal components, primarily stuffing box packing arrangements. From United States +C $26.81 shipping estimate. N-Gauge Electronic Deadweight . Overview. Re: stuffing box cord sizing. Give us a call at 207-422-6532 or send us an email via our secure contact form. Packing today can be made of flax, Kevlar, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), graphite or metal. Save 5% more with Subscribe & Save. All stuffing boxes work on the same basic principle: Rings of special wax-impregnated flax packing are wrapped snugly around the prop shaft and stuffed into a hollow packing nut that is screwed to the outside of the stuffing box housing. December 4, 2008. Pumpers have different names for a wellhead containment. Stuffing box containments come in varies styles and sizes, legacy designs are typically 2 pieces design which have a gasket allowing the box to be split and installed without disrupting the pumping unit. Destinations. Lastly other new designs have incorporated a lubrication system providing the greatest value in one complete unit. A stuffing box—also called a stuffing gland, packing gland or packing box—forms a seal between the prop shaft and the hole in the hull through which the shaft passes while allowing the shaft to turn freely. RE Thomas Marine Hardware offers replacement packing nuts for all our stuffing box systems. The hardware components within the Stuffing Box perform the important function of minimizing the leakage of "pumped up" process fluid out of the Stuffing Box; without Packing or a Mechanical Seal in the Stuffing Box, leakage would naturally occur since the rotating shaft pierces the Pump Casing. Some of the wellhead containments functions are different than others, some wellhead containments are strictly that, they contain the product from leaking on the ground. Buy It Now. Use Duramax Ultra-X high performance packing with Johnson Stuffing Box. $9.99 $ 9. Buy It Now. However, that doesn’t mean our products don’t need replacement parts from time to time. Be sure to remove any silt, sand, metal filings and other grit that may cause shaft wear and scoring. People. Engineered specifically for marine propulsion ; Lasts 5X longer than other packing ; 300% lower friction than flax ; Superior thermal conductivity ; Virtually eliminates shaft scoring ; Transfers friction heat away from shaft ; About Ultra-X Packing . Through tightening it onto the stern tube, the packing is compressed, creating a seal against the shaft. For example: enviro boxes, pollution controllers, stuffing Box containments, bathtubs and more. Lastly some brands of Stuffing box containment offer lubrication injection which provide added life to all stuffing box packing, this again reduced time between down time reducing the lift cost of oil production. Clean the stuffing box and shaft thoroughly. Replacement stuffing box locking nuts sold separately. Shop with confidence. This is done by shutting down the pumping unit once the oil level gets to a certain maximum level. The box itself prevents the gases or liquids leaking as the rod pumps through the well. This stroking motion is to function the bottom hole pump causing oil to rise to the surface. Tightening this packing nut squeezes and compresses the packing material around the shaft to form a watertight seal, even when the shaft is rotating. SBC Type X Single. bottom connection; 3-in. Latest. RAINBOW RING – Slim Hole Specialty Service, KEVLAR-BRASS RING – Slim Hole Specialty Service, Donut Packing – General Service / Specialty. Creating a proper plunger alignment is critical for correct flow and a long wear life. Ninety percent of all sailboats with auxiliary inboard engines have a flexible stuffing box with traditional packing gland that usually goes unattended until … All the of these different variables changes the outcome of how long packings (seals) will last before a leak or spill occurs. To purchase this item change the quantity 1 in the quantity box to the amount you would like to purchase. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Request a Quote. More How To. Is there a packing stuffing box for dummies link somewhere? Brand New. Any entrapped air, with normal temps this high, can cause a big spike in box temp. LP with 2½- or 3-in. Charter. C $29.00 . GFO 100% Marine Shaft Packing Stuffing Box, Pump 5/16" - 2 FT - Made in the USA. The cooler your stuffing box runs, the longer shaft life you'll have. From "Hands-On Sailor" in our January 2008 issue. Brand New. Maintain this gland around the prop shaft to keep leaks at bay. Sailing Totem: Bringing Holiday Spirit Cruising. It will also have packing nut threads or a gland nut. SB Series: Traditional Bronze Stuffing Boxes, RP Series: Bronze Rudder Stuffing Box with Square Mounting Flanges, MP Series: Multipurpose Rudder Port with Rectangle Flanges. R.E. Cone Packing & Slim Hole Packing. Charter . The box itself prevents the gases or liquids leaking as the rod pumps through the well. Many stuffing boxes rely on yet another smaller but no less important hose—the one through which water is pumped from the engine, affording the stuffing box’s packing material and cutless bearings improved lubrication and cooling. Further to the environmental aspects, containments reduce operator and or pumpers service time at each well during any clean up scenario. The drivetrain starts at the transmission and includes everything through the end of the propeller shaft – including couplings, drive plates, the marine stuffing box and shaft packing, or marine shaft seal, the flex couplings, the cutless bearing and more. With GFO they claim temps up to the 125-130F range are technically safe for the packing. N.E.R.D. bleeder; Eliminates one-threaded connection; Lower profile than classic models; Side outlets: 2-in. This happens by a float mechanism that acts like that of a float system of a toilet. Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler (1/2 LB) for Gift Wrapping & Basket Filling - White & Gold | MagicWater Supply. Rod Knuckle Stuffing Box . 99. Learn More. It typically has a square cross-section and is sold in precut rings or in large coils, as shown in Image 1. A "Stuffing Box" might be called a "Packing Box" in some literature and training videos. Its primary components are a threaded sleeve and a hollow nut through which the shaft passes. The primary function of a stuffing box is to seal fluid pressure while the polish rod is stroked by the pumping unit. Once the level reaches the set point, which is set by the pumper, it shuts down the pumping unit stopping the flow of fluid. Most wellhead containments work on all sizes of polished rods and all makes of stuffing boxes, some alterations are needed for best practises. If you clicked on this picture to enlarge it you can see the black goo residue on the shaft caused by the "dripless" packing that was clogging my stuffing box. There are two main types of material. While you’re at it, you might want to consider buying a set of our bronze stuffing box wrenches. In my opinion this generally means there is not enough cooling flow through the box. Questions? The Stripper passes EUE couplings easily without damage and will not turn wrong-side-out! Find great deals on eBay for stuffing box packing. Stuffing box components are of stainless steel, brass or other appli… The white PVC pipe on the left is my dummy-mock-up of a vessels fiberglass shaft log. There are a lot of reasons why Oil Companies around the world use secondary wellhead containment on sucker rod pumping units also know as beam pumps. Rod sizes: 1⅛, 1¼, 15⁄16, 1⅜, 1½, or 1¾ in. In principle a stuffing box is identical to the packing nut on a common faucet. 1 Traditional Flax packing; has been around a long time. C $36.17. The sleeve — or sometimes the nut — is filled with rings of braided square flax rope that has been heavily impregnated with wax and lubricants. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Bronze Rudder Stuffing Box with Square Mounting Flanges, Multipurpose Rudder Port with Rectangle Flanges. Most stuffing box packing also know as sealing arrangements last from days to a couple years this is all dependent on the production environment. This photo shows the threaded male end of bronze stuffing box and the packing-nut or the female end of the stuffing box separated from the male end. ARC 2020 is Underway. A stuffing box of a sailing boat will have a stern tube that is slightly bigger than the prop shaft. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. All traditional stuffing boxes require water for lubrication and this "dripless" stuff totally plugged the area between the shaft and the male end of the of the stuffing box as seen in the picture. Post by larryeddington » Sat Jul 13, 2013 3:43 pm. These cost savings can be broken down into several quantifiable margins, all resulting in lower lift costs for oil producers. Our packing nut replacement parts are available to fit the following models of packing nut style stuffing boxes. Our stuffing box packing nuts and lock nuts are compatible with our exclusive stuffing box wrench sets. Almost gone. In stock on November 27, 2020. Our Hercules packing is compatible with various models of stuffing boxes. 3" Shaft Packing Wrench for"Rudder" Stuffing Box Packing Gland. Ratigan. Please select the correct shaft diameter when ordering. Our packing nut replacement parts are available to fit the following models of packing nut style stuffing boxes. 35 sold. The stuffing box wrenches are available to fit the locking nut, and packing nut of your boat’s stuffing box or bronze shaft seal. RP Series: Bronze Rudder Stuffing Box with Square Mounting Flanges. Some new designs include a rain guard which stops rain from filling up the containment which will artificially stop the pumping unit. GFO 100% Marine Shaft Packing Stuffing Box, Pump 3/8"- 2FT Made in the USA. These legacy brands typically have a plastic or cast-iron base with a plastic shroud around the top of the stuffing box – There are positive value and negative value in every designThe newest models of containments are one-piece design which is installed over the polish rod while the pumping unit is stopped or in service. The Stuffing Box Packing is woven flax or synthetic, squared-off rope like material. 3/16" Sold by the foot. Another type of switch for the wellhead containment is the Vega Switch. It consists of a threaded sleeve and a hollow nut, through which the prop shaft passes. Service Your Stuffing Box. That’s why we offer new packing nuts for all major product lines of RE Thomas shaft seals and stuffing boxes. They are commonly called: shut off switch, kill switch, float, high level wellhead containment switch, sensor switch made by many manufacturers.